Friday, June 26, 2009

Update on San Juan

Tuesday was the much anticipated feast of San Juan and despite a fever, I rested up enough to enjoy the festivities with Father John from the Institute, and Rolando and Ely. Rolando is the brother of my host mother, and is also the host of Father John. Ely is his wife.

The two had a marvelous party with about 12 of their friends. There was traditional Bolivian dancing, an open fire for cooking sausages, lots of food, drink, and good company. They served a traditional Bolivian celebration drink called te con te, ¨tea with tea¨, the second tea really being some kind of flavorful alcohol, possibly a spiced rum, though I´m no expert in these matters. The sausages and hotdogs were interestingly prepared. They were cooked over the open-flame grill, and then people covered them in salsa, shredded potato chips, and the traditional toppings of ketchup, mayo, and mustard. One of Rolando´s friends played Spanish Guitar beautifully, and sang many Spanish love songs as the night drew on. It was really a great time, and totally worth laboring through my fever.

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