Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feast of San Juan

Cochabambinos love to party, and according to locals, they have a knack for finding just about any excuse for a fiesta. Saint´s Days are no exception.

Today is the feast of San Juan, and to mark the occasion, Cochabambinos will have large parties with dancing, and bonfires, and hot drinks. Bonfires were recently outlawed in the city. With each family having their own fire in front of their house--and some igniting tires--the air quality became so poor that people couldn´t breath for days. Now, people shoot off fireworks instead.

I will be going to the house of the brother of my host mother to celebrate. He´s the only Catholic in the family, and he and his wife take me to church with them on Sundays. A priest from the Institute lives there as well, and they are all very nice people. I´ll update this post with details when I have them!

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  1. I remember this happening in the summer of 2005, and people really did go lighting bonfires in the streets and burning whatever stuff they might happen across. Plaza Cala Cala was shrouded by a thick haze for several days.