Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Even though I'm not in America, I still want to give thanks, because thanksgiving is my favorite part of Thanksgiving (it used to be turkey, but I gave that up long ago!).

There is so much I could be thankful for this year as I celebrate the holiday in a land of little, far away from my home of plenty. And yet, it's not running water, or toilets, showers, or good food that I am most grateful for; it's love.

Living in a post-conflict zone makes clear that love and kindness, even between kin, are not givens. I am full of gratitude for all of the people in my life--family and friends--who show me love through kindness, respect, and care.

Through our love for each other, we create peace on earth.

I wish you a very happy, peaceful, and love-filled Thanksgiving!


  1. Danielle, I just see the background of your blog: a globe. As said the Jesuit Polanco five centuries ago, the 'world is our home'. You have travelled in America, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa and you have met persons from different colors, cultures, religions etc... . People like you are blessed. Moved by God's Love, they have extended the limits of their family home to the 'borders' of the universe. They have seen the beauty of the human harmony even in the crashes of social conflicts. They have experienced the richness of people, even amidst of the 'misery' of the Third Word. I've seen the picture on your page. At least we are consoled to see that beside Africom and its guns, there are other people with pen, smile and inner strength. On this day, we thank you God for who you are: a peacemaker, a witness of His absolute and unconditional Love. Happy Thanksgiving in Acholiland ! Mungu akubarikia !

  2. With people like you in this world, it will be a better place!